Demand for physical therapy jobs is expected to grow much faster than the average through 2018, so opportunities for physical therapy jobs will continue to increase. Qualifications for most physical therapy jobs include a master's degree from an accredited school and at least one year of residency experience. Physical therapists must pass a national examination in order to obtain their license, and fulfill all state licensing requirements before they are permitted to practice and apply for jobs in their state.

If you are interested in a physical therapist career, take some time to look at a sample job description and learn about different opportunities available in your area.

Finding Physical Therapy Jobs

When you graduate from a training program and have completed all of your clinical training, you may be able to find physical therapy jobs at the facility you were training at. This may have been a hospital, clinic or other medical facility, and it's a good idea to check the employment boards to see if there are any attractive physical therapy jobs that you would be qualified for.

You can also work with an advisor at your school and inquire about job placement services. If you want to seek out jobs on your own, contact local hospitals, clinics, and physical therapy centers for available openings, and review job listings online.

Physical Therapy Job Description

Taking a close look at job description during the research stage can help you narrow down your search and determine which type of job will be the best match for you. The job description may vary only slightly by location, and you may find that duties and responsibilities of the physical therapist are about the same at hospitals, private offices, outpatient clinics and other venues that hire physical therapists. The job description will vary significantly between physical therapy jobs and physical therapy aide jobs.

Find out if the position requires specialization in a certain field, or any advanced courses or training that you had not completed during your degree program. The job description will typically include information on: education requirements, primary and secondary duties or responsibilities, hours required and in some cases, a salary range.

Physical Therapist Career Options

Licensed physical therapists enjoy a number of career opportunities and the types of jobs you would be qualified for depend on your work experience, specializations and education. If you have completed a doctoral degree in physical therapy, you may be qualified for opportunities in the field of medical research. Most individuals who hold a master's degree in this field can pursue the following career options:

  • Physical Therapy Travel Jobs
  • Physical Therapy Per Diem Jobs
  • Permanent Physical Therapy Jobs
  • Physical Therapy Aide Jobs

Permanent physical therapy jobs are typically available at state or local hospitals, government organizations, healthcare facilities and private doctor clinics. Physical therapists may also be hired by sports organizations or wellness companies to provide services to a select group of people. Physical therapists who choose to open up their own practice may end up working at a clinic with several other physical therapists and aides, and will offer services to the general public.