If you have been researching medical jobs and are interested in a career as a physical therapist, you may have wondered, how much do physical therapists make? Physical therapy salary information is not always listed in the job description and you will need to wait until your interview to find out exactly what the salary for your position will be. However, information about national statistics for physical therapist salaries are available, so you can use this data to compare salary information to related positions and other career paths.

How Much Can Physical Therapists Earn?

There is a growing demand for physical therapists around the world and salaries stay competitive as demand for skilled and experienced physical therapists continues to rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for physical therapists is likely to grow as much as 30% in the next decade. If you've wondered, how much do physical therapists make, you can turn to data offered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, several online sources, and compare salary information from state to state.

It's important to remember that salary ranges for these types of positions will vary by region, the level of education you have completed, and the type of position you are applying for. Some medical facilities, such as state hospitals, government health centers and rehabilitation clinics pay higher-than-average salaries. Private clinics and medical facilities may pay more or less depending on the position and overall demand for physical therapists in that region. In most cases, you won't learn about the actual salary until the end of the interview process or when you are offered a position. If you are interviewing with several different employers at the same time, you may be able to compare offers and benefits before making your decision to accept a position.

Average Physical Therapist Salary

According to 2011 data, the median expected physical therapist salary in the United States is $74,400. The salary range is from $63,900 to $84,700 and actual salaries vary considerably based on the level of education completed, work experience, and the location of the medical facility. Salary information found online typically does not account for any bonuses offered by the employer, or a benefits package. Bonuses and benefits can also be different based on the employer and the state or metro area that the physical therapist is working in.

Average Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

Licensed physical therapy assistants typically make less than the average physical therapist, because they have fewer responsibilities and typically work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist or medical professional. According to 2011 data posted, the median physical therapy assistant salary in the United States is $45,700. The average range is from $35,200 to $54,000. This does not account for any bonuses and benefits, and the actual salary you would receive would depend on your education, work experience and the location of your employer.