Five Reasons to Be a Sports Therapist

1. Creativity in the Medical Field: Sports therapy is a great profession because you get to be in the medical field and carry a lot of respect, but you don't have to spend too many years in school to achieve it. While it usually takes 11 years to be a doctor, the average amount of time it takes to be a physical therapist is 6 to 7 years. What's more is that in athletic physical therapy, you get to be creative. Each patient will have a different combination of injuries. You get to design individual treatment programs based on what sport the patient plays and what injuries they need to overcome.

2. Live Out Your Childhood: Many private and government schools employ physical therapists for their sports teams. Some athletic physical therapists work with community youth leagues. So, if your heyday was spent making that winning touchdown in high school football or being the best catcher in Little League baseball, then you have an opportunity to be back in that world again.

3. Get Dreams Back: One of the most rewarding things about athletic physical therapy is the ability to help an athlete get their dreams back. Without physical therapy, a broken arm or torn ligament could mean the end for a sports player. With your help and guidance, these people can get back on the field or court and be able to live out their dreams. When you hear about that athlete's accomplishments, you can feel good about helping them get there.

4. Workplace: Some sports physical therapists work in clinics or rehab centers, but you don't have to. You can work in a gym or, what's even better, on the sidelines! Working at a gym, you would be able to work out on the cheap, be around people who are interested in many of the same things you are, and work in a healthy and happy environment. If you are a physical therapist employed by a team, when it comes to game time, you will be on the sidelines in case anything should happen that calls for emergency attention.

5. Salary: Sports physical therapists have money in the bank. The median salary for athletic physical therapists is around $74,000. Even those practicing at the bottom ten percent still make around $63,000. That's pretty hefty for the bottom of the rung. In short, sports therapy is rewarding in more ways than one.